Why do I prefer to hire veterans?  I can only answer that from my own perspective of serving in the US Air Force and Air National Guard.  

The military has taught me that being part of something bigger than myself was a good thing.  Credit did not have to come for an individual to be significant. Often, I was more excited for my unit to have a major accomplishment that I was for an individual award.

I was also taught, not everyone gets a trophy.  Sometimes you are not the best at a given task. You can learn from someone better than you.  From experience I can tell you, if the requirement is a 90, 89.8 is not a 90. I learned, a requirement is just that – a requirement.

The military trained me for a specific job and technical requirement.  My initial training was for component level computer maintenance and then that is what I did in my position.  When the requirement was for leadership and management, I attended that training. Each skill was built upon in order to make me a better Airman.

During my military career, which is still ongoing, I have been taught responsibility and duty.  If I commit to a task, my leadership expects it to be completed. No excuses, no whining, just completion.

Over the years, I have hired great employees that are veterans and some great employees that were not veterans.  I know the training I received and the culture that was embedded in me by my military training and I can only assume that culture is embedded in other veterans.  All things being equal, I will take my chance on bring a veteran into my organization, because I know where they have been and what they have been taught.

Jonathan Kilpatrick