Does your network read the newspaper? 

In the last few weeks several critical cyber vulnerabilities have been front page news.  From Windows, to Cisco, to Evernote, etc. It seems a new cyber risk is announced daily; however, my networks, servers and PCs, don’t read the newspaper.  I am willing to bet, yours don’t either.  Your CISO does or should be reading and reacting to any vulnerabilities that are possible to mitigate.    

Cyber security is a cat and mouse competition.  The CISO must remain one step ahead of the bad actors.  Those bad actors could be internal staff, external players or in some cases international criminals seeking a quick return.  Since your computers can’t read the newspapers, it is imperative that you do.  Stay up to date on threats and vulnerabilities and ask yourself, are my networks secured against the latest threats?  Am I an easy target?  What can I do to reduce my risk of cyber-attacks? 

The answer to all those questions is to stay current on threat assessments and install the proper security, and then keep patches up-to-date.  More can be done, but simple security will make you a much harder target than most.