Trulight is an advisor for technology strategy.   Critical to achieving success, is a well thought out strategy, implemented correctly to avoid unnecessary risk. Trulight delivers well tested strategies to allow you the greatest possible opportunity for success.  Success is a well designed plan, well implemented.


At Trulight Consulting, we have years of experience developing strategic initiatives for Federal, State, Local and private organizations. We use a time tested methodology that allows us to dive into our clients’ area of expertise and develop ways to take advantage of that expertise. A strategic initiative would not be complete without exploring the areas that our clients need to avoid. The same methodology allows us determine high risk areas and create a process to minimize risk exposure.


Trulight Cyber Security professionals have industry’s highest certifications. Our Cyber teams possess the training and experience to assess and implement a robust security plan for your organization as they have for top level DoD organizations. Our professionals have Top Secret clearances and are capable of assisting you with virtually any cyber needs.


Trulight is capable of guiding your organization to avoid, transfer, or manage risk in your organization. We pride ourselves in direct evaluation of risk and devising plans to minimize your risk.