At Trulight, we have years of experience developing strategic initiatives for Federal, State, Local and private organizations. We use a time tested methodology that allows us to dive into our clients’ area of expertise and develop ways to take advantage of that expertise. A strategic initiative would not be complete without exploring the areas that our clients need to avoid. The same methodology allows us determine high risk areas and create a process to minimize risk exposure.

Cyber Security

Trulight Cyber Security professionals have industry’s highest certifications. Our Cyber teams possess the training and experience to assess and implement a robust security plan for your organization as they have for top level DoD organizations. Our professionals have Top Secret clearances and are capable of assisting you with virtually any cyber needs.


Trulight has the C-level experience to look at an organization and evaluate its strengths and weaknesses. Trulight can use this analysis to develop a strategic plan for the coming years to accentuate the strengths and mitigate risk associated with any weaknesses.

Risk Management

Trulight is capable of guiding your organization to avoid, transfer, or manage risk in your organization. We pride ourselves in direct evaluation of risk and devising plans to minimize your risk. Trulight professionals have immense experience for Independent  Verification and Validation.

Web Development

Trulight is available to expand your strategy to the web.  Trulight professionals have developed and implemented web strategy for ecommerce, as well as identity awareness.

Illuminating a Path

Cyber Security 

Trulight provides our clients with true professionals that are able to illuminate the threats and vulnerabilities present in the current cyber environment.  Trulight prides itself on bringing the right resources to provide technical ability to determine the risk and provide the recommended remediation to reduce the threat associated with the risk. 

Trulight Cyber professionals have worked with Federal, State, Local, and Private industry partners to determine the vulnerabilities and threats they face.  Our cyber team has Department of Defense level training and experience as both offensive and defensive cyber resources.  Our team provides: 

Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessments to determine a client’s risks.  

Web Application Code Review to determine any vulnerabilities within custom code that is accessible to the public. 

Persistent Cyber Assessment to provide our clients with a 360-degree review of the cyber defensive posture including Intrusion Detection Systems, Intrusion Prevention Systems and Intrusion Response. 

Wireless Connectivity Security Assessment to evaluate security posture surrounding a BYOD and wireless connected public and workforce. 


Trulight has C-level experience that can be brought to an organization in order to help minimize risk while maximizing opportunities.  Our team can evaluate an organization and give the insight to capitalize on the organizations strengths and reduce the impact of any weaknesses.  Our team provides: 

SWOT Analysis based Strategic Plan to evaluate the Strengths Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats faced by an organization and use that information to develop a strategic outlook for future positive impacts. 

Criticality Assessments are imperative to developing enterprise-wide priorities.  Trulight can be the outside perspective to deliver an unbiased opinion of the critical nature of each system in order to utilize resources in the most efficient manner. 

Disaster Recovery Plans are a critical part of being prepared for the eventual impact every organization will face.  Trulight can provide assistance with creating a robust DR Plan that will allow for organization resiliency in the face of a natural or man-made disaster. 

A Cloud Strategy is essential to moving forward.  An organization’s best approach may be a cloud first strategy – it may not.  In order to determine the best approach for any organization, a detailed outlook and comparison of the best approach for each organization can be accomplished to make a strategic decision. 

Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) and Transitional Chief Information Officer (tCIO) can be implemented in any size organization to grow into a fulltime CIO or smooth a transition from a departing CIO to an incoming CIO.  A vCIO can provide technology leadership on an as needed basis for flexibility within and organization as it grows.  A tCIO can provide the stability and foundation for a new CIO to take the lead after the departure of a technology leader.  Trulight has deep CIO experience that can be implemented in a vCIO or tCIO role. 

Risk Management 

Trulight professionals have guided State and Local organizations in using the resources available to transfer and/or mitigate the financial risks associated with both man-made and natural disaster.  The COVID-19 pandemic exposed many organizations to the risk of reduced workforce and minimized travel.  Trulight professionals have years of Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) experience. Utilizing IV&V gives a third party and independent view of project implementation and reduces the risk of missed opportunities. Threats come in every shape and size. 

Web Development 

Trulight can provide your organization with a professionally developed web presence whether your site is an ecommerce, marketing or identity management site, Trulight can assist you in making your mark.